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Seriously, its not classified as a truck in the US despite the GLA 250 falling into the proper bucket.

Mike Schlee of Autoguide:

The GLA 45 AMG is actually classified as a car (hatchback) due to it’s lowered height and lower sitting bumpers. Mercedes was not allowed to classify it officialy as a ‘truck’ in the USA.

But the taller GLA 250 is classified as a ‘truck’ and is allowed to have crossover things like rear and side tinted windows.
Admittedly not particularly significant but I do find it interesting...

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It helps to be correct, and making sure it is being called what it is, is a good thing to do. I always seen this as a 'car' and never a truck. Isn't the GLA car-based?
The GLA is fully capable off road. Not only has Benz tested it off-road, but several legitimate car reviewing groups were astonished by it's abilities.

I have already taken my GLA through Colorado and Wyoming, through snow, mud, torrential rain, mountains, creeks etc. With the right setup, the GLA is probably the most capable in it's class. Although the new Jeep Renegade Trailhawk is looking pretty capable, but I'm not sure about it's engine... :| Needs more torque...

My setup so far:
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