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GLA 45: First Commercial

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pretty random commercial. i don't really get it.. on another note.. youtube actually didn't mess up the details when downing to 480p from 1080p. video is actually still very sharp.
Yet another strange car commercial. Its almost like they are trying to confuse people sometimes. Benz could do better.
its these life style / interesting style commercials

car commercials are getting more and more confusing.
since they want to attract people to their brand that they wouldnt before, these might be what they think will work to capture their attention
its a way to abuse the word freedom. C'mon, first things first no Mercedes offers you anymore freedom than anything else with four wheels and an engine. Second notice how they illustrate the image of freedom, man breaking loose from jail, woman running from her wedding, stray dog.

Think about those images, you'll see the problem eventually.
ok... I'm not saying it's the best ad in the world, but I'm in marketing, and I see this ad representing the GLA 45 as a (relatively) price effective way of giving you AMG performance and crossover packaging. This "frees" a new group of people to be able to consider a class of car previously unaffordable. This I feel is true. There's always the additional message of crossovers being "freeing" as they give you a more capacious vehicle for travel and some minor ability to go off-road.
They did indeed abuse the word freedom, i think a lot of companies are guilty of doing this with a lot of words, it seems to work, in effort to try to sell people a "lifestyle" and not just a product.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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