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I think I would focus on tires and traction most.
This might be the most overlooked statement in the thread. I don’t think the tires are the only culprit here but should be factored in more imo.

I think looking into your tunes is a good idea, but don’t overlook your tires too. General is a Continental B-grade brand and the RS is classed as an ‘Ultra High Performance Summer’ tire with 360 treadwear. You can move up to ‘Max Performance Summer’, or even ‘Extreme Performance Summer’ and drop your treadwear and I think you’d see better results and less wheel spin. This is strictly speaking at improving the launch though bc if you have only one set of rims and your car is a street car that doesn’t see motorsport events, then it probably doesn’t make sense to put on extreme performance tires as your only set.

Do the general’s even kick rocks at 360 treadwear?

check out:
- Potenza Re71r & Eagle f1 supercar 3 for extreme performance

- Pilot Sport 4S & ContiSportContact 5p or SportContact 6 (OEM) for max performance
21 - 26 of 26 Posts