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Hi, I have recently had the following issue with GLA. The auto recently got stuck in sports mode. Gear changes were a bit jerky and I had to use the paddle shifts to help it change. The engine warning light came on also, and every now and again it got stuck in some sort of limp mode where the car would barely accelerate. Took it to the dealer. 3 days later they found a replacement pressure switch of sorts and all the problems were solved. (Got a loan car from them)

The interesting thing is it also fixed other issues that I had.

1. Pull away from auto start was a bit rough and you had to nurse the throttle to keep things smooth.
2. Breaking was a bit harsh and just before stopping the car seemed to stumble.

When they checked these items they ( the computer ) found nothing wrong, and advised the diesel can be a bit rough.

So this pressure switch has fixed everything and the car is better than new. Ride is fantastically smooth.

On a side issue the consumption is staggeringly low. In the worst traffic it never goes over 10l/ 100k and most times it varies between 5 and 7l/100. Freeway driving uses under 5l/100

Really enjoying my GLA
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