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Hi all GLA owners, my question is for anyone who has a GLA 200 with petrol engine, do you find the fuel injection system to be noisy?

I've had my car back to the dealership twice to see why my fuel injection system makes a loud clicking noise. They've had the resident mechanic and a regional Mercedes expert have a look, both say it is normal but I find it hard to believe that a fuel injection system should be so loud. For a petrol engine it sounds like a diesel...

I'd be grateful if anyone with a similar petrol engine could give me feedback if they have the same issue? It might be standard or it might be just a noisy component which the local dealer doesn't want to replace?

Any advice will be helpful...



@Tagman have you been able to find your answer, whether that be through another forum or through an article by an automotive publication?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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