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I picked up my GLA 250 at the end of July. It has a lot of great features.
My previous car was a MINI Countryman. The Countryman was a little peppier adn handled a little tighter but it did not have a lot of the comfort features the GLA had.
Before that car, I had an Infiniti FX for 9 years. I added turbos to it and learned a valuable lesson: if you cannot afford to replace a motor, you cannot afford to mod. It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't cheap either.
It had 400 WHP and was extremely quick.

I have no plans to mod the GLA but when the lease is up I may look for an AMG version.

The blindspot indicator si probably my favorite feature so far as well as the automatic liftgate feature.

Mine is a Universe Blue which was hard to find and now I guess won't be available next year so I guess I got a limited addition GLA!
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