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First GLAs rolling off the line

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The first GLAs began rolling down the Rastatt assembly line last week, meaning they are German spec GLAs.
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Price hasn't been set yet, any guesses though? The article said its expected to be more than the CLA. So maybe around $31,000?
Im kind of surprised it's all moving at this pace, i guess we should be seeing them in dealerships no later than spring 2014. Can't wait.
Mercedes Benz is trying to launch something like 20 new models before 2020, so they have to keep moving. There are still plenty more new models to come.
good to hear

so can we expect early 2014 ??
From what I heard, yes, we can expect them by then.
i hope there wont be any delays.
yea i'd say order books will likely open after Europe starts getting their deliveries. It was like that for CLa...
too bad there are no photos. wanted to see some GLA production shots.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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