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My first commuting days with the new GLA have given me some better-than-expected impressions that I thought I'd share.

My short test drives didn't give me a sense for how much I'd like these seats. They are so comfortable that my hour-long commute had me arriving at work more relaxed than I can ever remember. The plush lumbar support and the fire-from-the-hellgods seat warmer give an almost Jacuzzi-like experience. I never thought I'd find heated seats that can get hotter than I can handle but these can reach that level at times.

Another is the BlueTooth audio. This is my first car with this feature. When I got in the car to go home, my iPhone/Spotify started playing through the car speakers right where it had left off earlier in the day, without me doing anything. That was a really nice surprise!

(BlueTooth bonus tip: Just discovered in the manual that you can get back to BlueTooth audio from another source by repeatedly pressing the Disc button.)

These are just a couple of the pleasant items I wanted to share. Anyone else find aspects of their GLA that were better than expected?
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