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ECU/TCU firmware updates

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I recall reading somewhere that there was an ECU update available that made drivability much better. I cannot find that note anymore. Do any of you have experience with this and if so - how can we tell which version is loaded presently?

What I remember from the posting (wherever/whenever I saw it) was someone was complaining about throttle position sensor being odd and some other issues. They brought it in, dealer flashed the computer and it fixed the transmission shifting behavior and throttle smoothness.

I find that the tranny is very odd in how it behaves... it sits in 2nd gear coasting to a stop then abruptly drops to first while still in motion (<5mph) and this feels like the brakes are biting while slowing. On the flip side, sport mode is nearly unusable for me as the car feels like it's got caffeine jitters. Holds gear too long and throttle really behaves like an on/off switch rather than a linear process.

I think that with some code cleanup this could be a fantastic driving experience and am hopeful that I didn't imagine that post that I can't find!

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Yes you did read about ECU updates… simply take to dealership and describe the issues you are having (tranny and throttle response) and they in all probability will perform the re-flash. Dealerships do have a TSB on the issues so it is not something you would be hitting them cold/un-aware.
Thanks bunches! BTW does MB list their TSBs somewhere that is searchable/listable and complete?

I found this: 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

But no mention of performance-related TSB to this issue. It's easier to walk in with a TSB # when talking to rep.
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