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I had gotten these storage things for the door handle armrests a while ago. I found them on ebay for all four doors (seems like you can only find them for the front nowadays) and they fit great. It's an easy place to toss something small and they keep the door handles clean. But, it bugged me for months and months that I had blocked that awesome amber ambient light that used to glow from the handles.

So, I measured where the ambient light source was, took the things to the drill press, and drilled holes. After sanding down some burrs and rough edges from my hasty drilling, they were comfortable to grab. Great! The light shined through now...BUT it reflected garishly on the backside of the bin. I hated it. It also highlighted for me how less-than-perfect my holes lined up. Ugh.

Recently, I was finishing up another project and had some adhesive-backed felt leftover. So, I put it on the annoyingly shiny surface where the light had been reflecting.

Now, I have photos to share because I am finally pleased with the result. Another "detail only Christine will notice" but it's all about the details, right?

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