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What’s up everyone? My 45 would creak & squeak going over uneven bumps, inclines up driveways at an angle, across railroad tracks etc etc. It’s like you can hear the car twisting and flexing, almost like a creaky bed. I knew there had to be a fix, and after searching around I found this is an issue that has plagued BMW’s. BMW actually put out a bulletin against it, and there’s a fix they do if you take it to the dealer. The fix is using Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) tape on the door seal. Funny thing is BMW rebrands 3M tape that goes for about $20 and sells it for something like $250, ha, stealership strikes again.

Below is the DIY version…

1. Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Tape, 1/2” wide & 7mm thickness
2. Painter’s Tape
3. 91% ISO alcohol
4. Microfibers
5. Scissors

Time: Budget a solid hour or two, you want to be able to take your time.


1. Clean the top of the door and body with ISO alcohol and wipe dry with a clean microfiber, make sure there isn’t any wax residue around, as this is a crease where it likes to hide.

2. Close the door, and use painters tape to make a straight edge where the felt material on the door itself seals against the body. Take your time here and use a lot of tears of tape around the curve versus trying to bend one single piece the whole way.
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2. Open up the door and start the UHMW tape at the B pillar. Pull a couple inches of backing off at a time, and line up the edge of the UHMW with the edge of the painters tape. It can be pulled up and pressed back down a couple times without hurting the paint or losing its adhesive, so don’t stress too much.
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3. When you get to the end, use scissors to cut an angle that fits over the very last bit, it’s more like a triangle than a flat end.
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4. Use a combination of thumb pressure and a dry microfiber to press the tape down securely, and to remove any bubbles.
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5. Pull off the painters tape, and repeat for the other side. If done correctly, you should just barely see the edge of the UHMW tape when you close the door.
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6. Enjoy no more creaks!! I did the front doors only, and the creaking went away.
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