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My few weeks old car has creaking noise from Center cup holder area. I took it to the dealer and they said they cant find the issue. Removing the cup does not help. It turns out that the Box and the trim is secured using hex screw and there is no padding or insulation between that causing it to creak during hot and cold weather. A bit of Black electrical tape to the Top of the box and the tap and screw area really fix the issue.

1) Open the center glove box
2) lift up the side of the smaller cup holder and everything will pop right off.
3) then lift up the center panel as well and disconnect the 3 or 4 cables behind the unit.
4) Now you can take the trim piece outside,.. you need a hex screw driver to remove the cup holder from the actual trim piece.
5) Apply and cover the bottom tap with black electrical tape as well as the top where it meet the trim piece. I also add a small piece and cover the hole of two screw so when I resecure it, it will not rub against the plastic.
6) If you want to fix the smaller cigerate lighter piece as well you can do that with the same procedure.
7) To put it back do everything in reverse.

I have include picture so you can follow what to do.

Now no more noise at all.


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