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I am not trying to say anything, you're not supposed to see a car that is being worked upon (detailed), until its finished.
When it's finished, you won't see any of that. If you remove the finishing layer (the wax), by ... say... a highly degreasing carwash, then yes, that's how it will look.
So you fix this by adding back the layer that you washed off, you wax it again.
Truth is that other than ceramic coating (which although long lasting am not sure how well coats pre-existing marks, as compared to wax), once a car gets wheeled, it will have to be waxed.

The details are not the problem here. People can give you the right information, but it's your choice whether to take it, or ignore it.
so yes you do admit it. 🤦‍♂️ I’m sorry but with all due respect that is not the proper way to “buff” “wheel” scratches on a car. I hope others can chime in on this because I feel like I’m going crazy trying to explain to you what I mean 😆. I’ll say it one last time:
The shop did a quick test on the hood to show me how the car can potentially look. I was there in person while it was getting done. On a 4X4 area he stripped the waxes and sealants off , he 2 step paint corrected and showed me the mirror finish. All under sunlight and no wax applied either. So how could the old scratches come back after a few car washes if there isn’t any thing “covering” or “filling” in the scratches?? Let alone ANY scratches after paint correction??
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