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David Miller: First Drive GLA-Class

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Good first drive review and glad to see the GLA in two different colors their.
I just wish they had 4 different colors since they had 4 GLA's. Still better than nothing at the moment.
they're definitely not direct competitors but if that's what someone is trying to decide between, then getting to see both and experience them in person is a good start.
I'm not sure what your pricing is like in Ireland, but in NA theres about $10-12K between the GLA and Evoque. If they're closer in price there I'd say go Evoque, I just tihnk its more car and built better...
it can't be too far off from that elsewhere in the world when you do a conversion unless they have a cheaper version of the evoque, which in that case it will bring it much closer to the gla
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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