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Coolant leak due to pipe breakage, please help me identify the part!

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Hello Everybody, I own an Gla45 2015 (Edition 1), I have coolant leak issue, I have figure out it is due to pipe breakage. However, I can't Identify the part that's broken to replace. Please help me! I can only find the pipe (part A 176-501-01-25) but I don't think it is broken but the part that is connected to it. (I have put silicon on top of the broken area for quick fix but it doesn't work)

I'm looking forward to your reply! Anybody have any idea please help! Thanks!

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The GLA45 Service Instructions linked here may be of help, specifically:
  • GLA45AMG 156 133 Drain Pour Coolant.pdf
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Hello please can I lodge a complaint?
Welcome to the forum. We encourage insightful and respectful GLA discussion, whether it be complimentary or a complaint, so yes you may.

Presumably you have a thread title coolant leak?

btw: Hopefully this is not a "spam" first posting, but we're inclined to give the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.
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