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I have a manufacturer fitted head unit that has CarPlay in and works great. The unit is wired only though. Works fine just a bit awkward when going short journeys when I'd like CarPlay but it's in bag or pocket and forget. It uses the USB plug in the front.

Is there a way to make it wireless somehow? I'm not talking a new head unit, a dongle or something? I know there is CarPlay dongle to add CarPlay on these Android head units, just wondering if there is such a thing.

I presume it communicates over Wifi and/or Bluetooth so is there not a USB dongle to fool the iPhone to say it's plugged in?

I'd buy one straight away for the convenience factor alone.


Firmware update instructions USB method (at own risk)

1) Format a USB drive (format must should be FAT32/Allocation unit size 1024bit or default)
2) Copy the U2W_Update.img onto the root of the USB drive
3) Using a wall charger (iPad/iPhone etc), plug the dongle to it and then put it into a wall outlet power (don't plug USB drive yet)
4) Wait for the red light to turn solid red and then plug the USB drive into the dongle
5) The update has initiated once the dongle light switches from a solid red to alternating flashing red and green
6) Wait until the dongle light switches back to a solid red (about a minute or so), wait a couple of minutes more (to be safe), then the update is completed and you can unplug the dongle from the wall outlet and the USB drive from the dongle.

Firmware update instructions OTA
1. Connect your phone to the adapter and wait until CarPlay appears on the screen.
2. Enter in your browser and click “Go.”
3. If you see an update available, click it.
4. Wait until the update bar reaches 100%.
5. When CarPlay reappears on the screen, you’re done!

For language selection there is a small globe in the bottom right corner, of the startup screen of the dongle. Select the icon, it cycles thru the languages. You'll eventually get back to English.

After an update it sometimes goes back to default Chinese language.

If you have 2 iPhones linked, and problems connecting, use following to delete an iPhone in connection list.

When showing the screen with both devices, hold down on the device that you want to get rid of. Hold it for 5-10 seconds and it should bring up a screen that says delete.

Synchronous mode (normal, compatible):
Standard: normal mode
Normal mode: Resolve issues with the instrument panel display.
Compatible mode: Fixes the problem that certain vehicles cannot connect to the dongle.

Media sound (CD, DVD):
Standard DVD
DVD: better sound quality.
CD: Fixes the problem that certain cars have static / playback issues

Media delay (300 to 2000 milliseconds):
Standard 1000,
The greater the delay, the less the audio stutters. The smaller the delay, the better the music and album art / pictures will sync

Background mode information: some cars go black after plugging in. So, turning on background mode may fix this. This mode means it skips showing you the connecting' screen. It connects in the background and once it's conn

GPS: enables GPS via CarPlay

When enabled, the adapter passes on GPS coordinates received from the head unit via the car's GPS antenna in order to improve positioning, especially when the iPhone is hidden away, lacking a clear line-of-sight view to the satellites. This is not a mandatory feature for wired CarPlay. So it may not be supported by all cars with wired CarPlay only (probably only those with a navigation system built-in).

Start-up delay information: If you set the setting to 5 seconds, the adapter will start the system after 5 seconds when connected to the vehicle's USB port. (If a vehicle system does not recognize the adapter or the adapter only works to plug it in again, configure this setting parameter.

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