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In my 66+ years as a human being, I've done many things to earn, including a few years detailing cars at the Cadillac display at the NAIAS at Cobo Hall in Detroit. Being a DIY'er I thought I'd share something I've tried that works well on the bug guts and bird poop that sticks around even after a wash.

I use a detailing spray called Wash Wax by Aero Cosmetics and a Mr. Clean Magic eraser for both the above hard to remove stains. Spray, scrub lightly with the magic eraser and wipe off with a microfiber cloth. It also works well on glass.

I know there are probably better detail products available, but as a matter of economy, the Wash Wax product comes in a gallon container and includes a 16oz spray container full of product for about $38 bucks. Been using it after nearly every car wash and bike wash for the last 3+ years and still have a half gallon of the stuff left.

Am no way affiliated with Mr. Clean or Aero Cosmetics, just wanted to share something that's economical, and works.
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