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Hi all,
I have a 2017 GLA250 with 31,000 miles on it in 2020 the car wouldn't start, no warning or anything.
Ok, I take the car to the dealer, they replace it under warranty. Now in 2021, I didn't use the car much, but drove it weekly.
6 months of doing this, the battery is dead. I get that the electronic cause parasitic drain. But I have never had a car go through batteries like this.

I go to the dealer for B service and the battery. The car was purchased used with CPO. So it should be six years of warranty.
The SA says the battery isn't covered. So I say a year-old battery should be, and he talks to the manager.
I get a call regarding the car. They will pay 90 percent of the battery. But tell me that I should get Hermes software update and test for a current draw for 367 dollars.

The question is: isn't software covered? Isn't testing the charging system, if there is a dead battery 1 year later, covered under extended 2 year warranty? I tried to do an online chat to ask these basic questions at MB-USA but the chat kicked me out saying no one is available. So I emailed but am still waiting for a response.

Also, I usually use an indy garage. Should I take it there to test the charging system?
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