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Badge fail

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I wanted to get a gloss black rear badge, so I head to AliExpress...

Dealer: What colour?
Me: Gloss black.
Dealer: What model is your car?
Me: X156 (GLA45)

This is what I got....

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper Font

Well, it's gloss black.
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That would be cool in its own way. My Porsche 997.2 is a 911 as well. When people ask I then need to explain the 997 part of the model, but it starts a conversation.
hah, right. if you're not trying to be subtle or discreet about the fact that you modded, this is a nice little touch. personally I don't know how so many owners seem to knowwhether they have an x156 or h247 when all the marketing material and even the VIN build sheet only say "GLA"
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