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Badge fail

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I wanted to get a gloss black rear badge, so I head to AliExpress...

Dealer: What colour?
Me: Gloss black.
Dealer: What model is your car?
Me: X156 (GLA45)

This is what I got....

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper Font

Well, it's gloss black.
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Omg! I love it! I debadge my GLA just because I hate cheap fake chrome. People sometimes ask me what model it is because it doesn't look like other GLA (AT tires, mud flaps, roof basket). It would be very cool to have a "X156" badge instead. Can you provide the link to the seller on AE?

You cannot say you didn't get what you asked for, right?
Just checked my history, the seller no longer lists this item. Even if it were still listed, there is no guarantee that you would not get the "GLA45" badge which was shown in the photo ;)

However there are heaps of other sellers selling Merc badges by the letter.

Font Rectangle Parallel Handwriting Pattern
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> AT tires, mud flaps, roof basket
Dying to see photos!!!
Very nice, very unique. I wouldn't mind driving that around at all.
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