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Badge fail

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I wanted to get a gloss black rear badge, so I head to AliExpress...

Dealer: What colour?
Me: Gloss black.
Dealer: What model is your car?
Me: X156 (GLA45)

This is what I got....

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper Font

Well, it's gloss black.
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Omg! I love it! I debadge my GLA just because I hate cheap fake chrome. People sometimes ask me what model it is because it doesn't look like other GLA (AT tires, mud flaps, roof basket). It would be very cool to have a "X156" badge instead. Can you provide the link to the seller on AE?

You cannot say you didn't get what you asked for, right?
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Dying to see photos!!!
Well, since you asked...
Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

I understand this is not what most people do with a GLA, so I am completely open to criticism and insults (and, yes, that is a spare tire in the rack). But, I like it. It seems very "X 156" to me! Especially with the "X" in my roof lights and the "X" on the roof rack (and my childhood idol being Racer X)!

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

I hate the orange on the grill. It was a quick 'n dirty way to eradicate the crappy fake chrome and use up some orange vinyl scaps. I haven't gotten around to doing something else yet. I have an all-black Panamericana grill I bought a while back and never put on. I'm not sure I would like that either. I'm thinking of blacking out the existing grill and doing the diffusers in orange instead. I might ask my kid to fire up Adobe and do some mock-up images for me to visualize the options.
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Thanks. One day, when it's not under the CPO Warranty anymore (and I have $1k to spare), I might go for 1" of lift with a kit from It seems to be calling out for a bit tiny bit of lift. I think MB could take a nibble out of Subaru's market if they made an options package like that for the GLA.
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