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Australian GLA250 "Standard Comfort" vs "Offroad Comfort" Suspension

I've pretty much decided to buy a GLA250, and before I settle on the final configurations / options I thought I'd ask the community about their opinions and feedback.

Firstly, my requirements - I'm trading in a 8 YO Kluger Grande which my wife won't drive because it's too big to easily manoeuvre in traffic and its really hard to park. I don't mind the drivability personally but it drinks premium at a disturbingly high rate and getting it into my cramped parking spot next to my colleagues Q7 is a daily frustration.

On the plus side, my daughter is a competitive skier, and the regular (4 to 5 a yea) trips up to the Australian "Ski Fields" are made easier because I don't have to stop and put on chains, and it fits the three sets of skis', my sons snowboard a few ski bags and a whole bunch of etc etc without having to think too hard about three dimensional geometry and ideal bin packing heuristics. And in those rare times we actually get a semi-decent snow fall, I'm fairly confident of my ability to drive out without endangering life and limb with my limited snow/ice driving experience on a road full of similar icy-road newbies.

I love the idea of the '45, but I'm sufficiently aware of my driving skills to know that if I went on the track, I'd get the pants beaten off me regardless of how good the car is, and frankly I've got better things to do with my time and money than skill up to win.

So the A250 seems like a good combination. I've pretty much decided against the "AMG Line" package because

1. The lowered suspension makes driving out of the typical snow fall harder
2. To me it kind of screams "I wish I was driving an AMG", if I really wanted one, I'd buy one, I've got the money, but I'd rather have the more comfortable suspension especially on our crappy sydney tarmac. Having said that, I saw a white 250 with the AMG line package and it looked really really good.

So, I tell this to my local Benz rep who finds a mountain grey 250 with the offroad sports suspension. I didn't even know you could get that in Australia, but it appears to be the standard for the US and Canada, maybe because you actually see real snow on a regular basis. Apparently it not only increases the clearance height by 30mm, but also pushes up the drivers position by some additional though undisclosed amount.

So after this long preamble, I have some questions.

1. Is there an appreciable difference to the drive and appearance between the "Standard Comfort" and "Offroad Comfort". I cant find any comparison pictures on the inter webs.
2. All the demonstrators seem to have the AMG Line package - I might be able to drive a good deal on one of those, so if anyone has had experience driving those through snow on summer run-flat tyres, I'd love your feedback.
3. Its so close to the MY16 build, would you wait a bit longer and order one of those, or would you use that event to drive a bargain on existing floor stock ?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi John
Similar to my dilemma, but I've decided to wait for a 2016 build, so have lots of time to torture myself. I don't want the AMG line lowered suspension, don't think there's any need for the "off-road comfort" suspension, so think I'll order the 2016 with AMG line, but delete the AMG line suspension, and maybe add variable dampers, which will be an option to on the 2016 builds.

I'm also going to delete the 19" AMG line wheels, replacing them with a set of 18" wheels and higher profile tyres. I think these changes will give a better ride overall for Australian road conditions, slightly quieter road noise, without comprising handling/steering.

I'd want a really good deal on existing dealer stock to change my mind on any of the above.

Or, I might buy a GLC!!
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