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Activate Carplay & Android Auto

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Saw this on Youtube. Anyone have something like this and tried it.

Their website - AUTOSVS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Smartauto Solutions for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Landrover etc...
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I don't know how did he do it, but I would love to know.

In fact I have a strange problem, my car has Carplay already, it shows as an option and it works fine, but it does not show Android Auto as an option (and it does not do anything if I plug an android phone)
Depending on the manufacture date of the car, some later 2016 models can be updated to add Android Auto support. In fact, if you check the web site linked to that video above, it also mentioned 2016.6 requirement.
Is there a way I can check if mine is compatible or not? how and where?
I believe I am the first one on this forum that have used a dongle to activate CP and AA. I know of another member who has done the same. And both of us have the HMI (some websites call it HLI) update.
Yes, I am the other member who did the same, and I did update the HMI at the dealership first
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I am new to this forum (and a "Senior"). Can someone simplify this for me if possible ..

I have 2016 GLA .. came with Audio20 (Garmin Pilot) (NO Command), Smartphone Integration, and Apple Carplay with the correct connection box . Has anyone WITHOUT Command taken to a dealer and had them update the coding to add Android auto? If so, can you please give the name and location of the dealer so we can contact for further information. Would be so appreciated.
Yes, I have a 2016 GLA, with Audio20, Apple Carplay, and originally no Android Auto. I took it to the dealet to update the HMI (but that alone did not give me Android Auto), and after that, I did run one of the chips you buy to enable Android Auto, and now I have it (you can look at this same post but several pages back, and you will see when I did it).

Now, where are you located?
I am sure that no one is waiting on the edge of their seats waiting for me to post back, but after a dealer update, I still have no way to check HMI verson, nor does AA/Carplay loaded. :(

I need to find the time to take the car back to the dealer to let him play with it and the technical bulleten that was posted earlier in the thread.
Quick question... since you did not put it in your profile, where are you located?
I think myself and another forum member were the first to get AA activated using the OBD2.

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Yes, I am the other user, and yes, after the HMI update, I had my 2016 with AA activated using the OBD2
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So does anyone here have a dongle? Which one was the one that worked? Also if you have used it and it worked, would you be willing to resell it?

What year is your car?

I see you are in Texas, I am too (in the Dallas area). Where in TX are you?
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