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Activate Carplay & Android Auto

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Saw this on Youtube. Anyone have something like this and tried it.

Their website - AUTOSVS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Smartauto Solutions for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Landrover etc...
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Best way is through your MB service department, let them run your VIN for compatible equipment. There's a however, however...some dealers are too quick to say yes or no without a real deep dive. Took some sustained effort to get to the real answer on Apple CarPlay retro-fit for my September 2015-built GLA250 without the COMAND system. A firm no, unfortunately. December 2015 was the magic date for CarPlay-capable production, only with the COMAND system (the full Multimedia Package).
Hello kkudi and welcome to the GLA forum. The easiest way to check your build date is with one of the internet VIN decoders, which will give you other data on what's in your specific GLA's build.
The most thorough I have used is based in Ukraine, which is a caution flag to some, but I had no problem using it several times (up to you):

I've never heard any complaints about any of them, was trying to find the official one from MB, but cannot locate that URL. However, when I used it, the data was not as complete as the one above. Do a search on "VIN decoder" in our Search box on the upper right (most browsers) and you'll find many threads with suggestions. This iPhone app is often referenced:
The official production date, per MB, is 1 December 2015 for CarPlay and Android Auto to be available in the GLAs, but discussion here leaves that datapoint open for debate. There was some sort of retro-solution that surfaced, but it was said to need the Multimedia Package, which I don't have. Both the service manager as well as my original sales rep pointed out the potential for collateral damage to the interior if I wanted it done...I would have been their first attempt. Given the uncertainty of success and high cost (was going to be over $600 IIRC), I passed.
Does anyone have any problems getting Google Map or Waze to work on the command system through Android Auto?
It would be helpful to know your GLA model and year number, as well as location to answer technical questions. They can be added to your profile from the User CP link on the upper right of most browsers. Does your GLA have the Multimedia Package and smartphone integration option?
Gary, it's possible your iPhone 5S was not designed or optimized for CarPlay, even if your iOS 11.3 has the option. If you haven't already, perhaps find a friend with an iPhone 7 or higher and see how that connects to CarPlay. Would seem like it should connect if the iOS supports CarPlay, but some current apps do not run on iPhones before the 6-series. Keep trying!
Welcome to the GLA forum Ginn. Your 2017 GLA 180 is not a US version. Can you please share where you are located so members that may also be there might possibly answer your question? We have a global audience and configurations change not only by model type and year, but also countries where members are located. Suggest you add that to your profile (from the User CP link on the upper right of most browsers) for future discussions.
I am interested in borrowing the CarPlay hack tool.
FWIW, consider the law of unintended consequences and have some level of comfort you can get your system back to original state should it not work as intended, especially if still under warranty. Over the past several years there have been a variety of approaches reported here to jury rig systems without CarPlay/Android Auto installed. Some have reportedly worked, some necessitated a trip to the dealer to restore the MB configuration.
Depends on what goes wrong. If you read through the many threads/posts on retrofitting CarPlay and Android Auto (type Carplay Android Auto in the Search box), you'll note more than one member needed dealer intervention after failed attempts to tweak the system. There's a second set of video screens for technicians that some have tweaked. The command key sequence to get into one series of GLA technical screens is different from another. I've lived long enough to know I'm not smarter than MB software writers, I personally would not risk it. But if you are attempting to reset with a hack tool, that's definitely rolling the dice, my opinion.

That said, I note you have a 2016 model US version (you stated you're in NJ). Do you know its production date? GLAs built on or after 1 December 2015 were the first compatible by design for CarPlay and Android Auto. If you have the multimedia package then it could be a simple job for the dealer to do a retrofit. Otherwise, you are dealing with potential issues. If you don't know your GLA's production date you can find out from any of the free on-line VIN decoders, as well as all the other original equipment and configuration of your GLA.
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December 1, 2015 was the magic date for US model GLAs.
Hi, I am in the exact same situation than you. System uodated to 12/2017 and my big activator doesn't work. Please can you tell me where did you buy the small activator for 2018+ models?
Welcome to the GLA forum. We're an international community with a variety of GLA derivatives where one size does not necessarily fit all. As reference to others can you add your location or country as well as GLA model and year to your member profile? It will then show under your name each time you post. You can do so from the User CP link on the upper right of most browsers.
What year is your GLA? If built before December 2015 (MY 2016 production) a dongle might not be the solution for you.
Welcome to the GLA forum. Unless you've got the multimedia package and/or gone through the dealer retrofit of wiring and software, the school solution is it is not doable for production prior to 1 Dec 2015. You've probably read the successful workarounds found here...and otherwise.
Three points for folks attempting this procedure:

1. Not all GLAs are created equally, there are a variety of GLA model and year derivatives in various regions around the globe. One size does not fit all.

2. Remember the law of unintended consequences, AKA collateral damage. If you aren't sure, don't have the comfort level you can return to the original configuration, probably best to leave this to a qualified technician.

3. Consider if this might have impact on any remaining warranty for your GLA.
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