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Interactive Owners Manual

Getting familiar with your GLA250 or GLA45 AMG is now gets easier all thanks to Mercedes Benz releasing a PDF format Owners Manual, along with Interactive versions for the Web, Apple devices and Android Devices:

2015 GLA Owners Manual is online for those that need it, a lot of great information in the near 400 pages.

View the Owners Manual using this link: .pdf
(To download, right click, click 'save link as...')

Quick breakdown of the sections:
  • At a glance ........................................... 31
  • Safety ................................................... 41
  • Opening and closing ........................... 75
  • Seats, steering wheel and mirrors .... 95
  • Lights and windshield wipers .......... 109
  • Climate control ................................. 125
  • Driving and parking .......................... 141
  • On-board computer and displays .... 203
  • Stowage and features ...................... 265
  • Maintenance and care ...................... 291
  • Breakdown assistance ..................... 305
  • Wheels and tires ............................... 323
  • Technical data ................................... 359

and it gets better...

Mercedes Benz has also made an Interactive Owners Manual available online, all in the 3 links below :)


How-To Videos

Making the learning curve even better, a wealth of How-To Videos to help you get the most out of your GLA. Covered in the videos are things as simple as setting the time and date to more extensive tasks like setting Voice Control so your vehicle can better recognize your verbal commands:

To help make getting to know your GLA a much smoother process and to make the most out of your vehicle, Mercedes has uploaded a number of videos on a range of topics. Below you'll find a quick breakdown of what is included along with a link taking you directly to the information you need.

Videos and More: Mercedes-Benz - Home of C, E, S, CLS, CL, SLK, SL, R, GLK, M, GL, G Class

Driver Assistance Systems
  • DISTRONIC PLUS (03:14)

Lights and Mirrors
  • Garage Door Opener (03:21)

Voice Control
  • Audio Voice Control (04:22)

  • SiriusXM® Weather (03:32)
  • SiriusXM® Radio (03:30)


Official Accessories

If you have yet to accessorize your GLA250 or GLA45 AMG and are considering it, there's no better place to start than with the current selection of genuine Mercedes-Benz Accessories. Whether it's something as cool as an Illuminated Star or maintenance related like this Battery trickle charger, Mercedes has you covered:

All accessories currently available from Mercedes Benz USA are listed below. Also included are links to the official Mercedes Benz website to see more on each accessory:

  • Illuminated Star: $480
  • 18-inch twin 5-spoke wheels: $1,940
  • 19-inch 5-spoke wheels: $2,000
  • Tire valve stem caps: $18
  • Wheel hub Inserts: 18
  • License plate frame: $35

Entertainment & Communication:
  • Drive Kit Plus for the iPhone®: $599
  • Becker® MAP PILOT: $600
  • iPad® Docking Station: $250

Vehicle Care and Protection:
  • Wheel locks: $95
  • Mud flaps: $80

more Mercedes GLA Accessories...

Real-World Gas Mileage

GLA owners have started reporting their real-world gas mileage numbers along with influencing factors to the numbers they're getting. If you've already taken delivery of your GLA or are wondering what real-world gas mileage is like compared to the official MPG numbers, This Thread is a great place to start.

Hey thank you for posting on Fuelly. The CLA numbers on there are what made me go ahead and order a GLA. Mine is supposed to be in tomorrow. I noticed on Fuelly you do not list the percent of driving city vs. highway. I lived in Corvallis and commuted to Eugene for a couple of years in the 80's. I am hoping for 30 mpg on my mostly 2 lane state highway commute. In my test drive I saw the mpg indicator go up to 47 briefly. What kind of roads do you drive?
The commute in the GLA is ~8 miles on 35mph highway with 200ft elevation change, then another 8 miles on interstate. We're pretty happy with the mpg... much better than the 15mpg Touareg in the garage.

I try to do city v. highway on the Touareg's Fuelly, but it gets to be too much thinking sometimes, so I've opted out of it on the GLA. So sorry.

Performance Bad Weather: Heavy Rain, Snow & Ice Storm

If you're wondering how capable the Mercedes GLA is in bad driving conditions like Heavy Rain or in a Snow or Ice Storm the reports below from real owners will be of interest to you:

With a set of Conti DWS's, my second big snow and ice storm was a breeze. Any of you on the fence about how well this little SUV does in the snow, your worries are not justified. (especially with proper tires and 4Matic) Last time I was in the mountains, this time I was in the urban areas.

DWS's are not a fully-dedicated snow tire, however, they are an all-season tire with a dedicated snow 'patch' built-in. My GLA 4Matic was the ONLY car that made it up a very nasty hill of ice and snow, there were 4 large SUV's and multiple cars that came back down in retreat. (some just slid back down) I literally went up the hill like it was nothing, no joke. At stoplights, I am the first to pull away, and around corners, the GLA behaved miraculously.

On the second night after the storm I was at an event with minimal parking, so I followed some massive diesel 4x4 pickup trucks with all-terrain tires up over large curbs and snowy/muddy terrain and onto an open field with ease. I was the littlest truck up there LOL

I am now thinking to myself, I wonder how amazing the GLA 4Matic would do with dedicated snow tires???
Anyways, I just wanted to report my results, and help those interested in the capabilities of this vehicle.

Here in Brussels we had a torrential rain storm on Tuesday which resulted in a lot of flooding in certain areas... one part round the city park area which forms part of the central road system had sections where the road flooded around 8-12 inches deep, plus there were two sections where the water was running across the road like a mini river (about 4-6 inches deep)... luckily I noticed these in time and managed to slow down (unlike a BMW driver who nearly lost control hitting them at speed).

I was unsure of the driving depth of the GLA so chanced it by driving through at slow speed, but all seemed okay. I checked the engine bay and hardly any water had got through the underfloor panels so I guess the movement of the car avoid the water flooding into the engine bay.

Overall I was impressed by how sturdy the GLA was in the wet, it didn't loose traction or slide out of line even though the roads were covered with torrential rain. My car is a front wheel drive model so I can only assume the four wheel drive is even more secure on the road...


Show Us Your New GLA & Owners Gallery

Lastly, if you've recently taken delivery of your new GLA250 or GLA45 AMG don't forget to post about it in this thread where many new owners have done so already!

more GLA's...

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thanks for making this list of resources possible, it just goes to show how valuable forums can be to owners. although i don't own a GLA as yet, this is definitely getting bookmarked for when that time comes.
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