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Speaking for my 2010 Porsche 997.2 without Nav or Sat radio ... I can go through the menus and it looks like Nav is there although the GPS antenna does not exist and the harness is not. Same for Sat radio.

Generally menus are cast. It does not mean you can simply activate a feature on the menu.

And to add to that ... We took European Delivery of Pam's 2017. We got one of the first releases. That was the first year that you could actually order AA and Carplay. MB supplied two people to show us the car's features. This was at the factory in Sindelfingen. This was with the factory trainers. They insisted that neither AA or Carplay were an available option. We had to prove it to them. It took three phones before we found one that would hook up. But we taught the teachers that day.

Note: Fortunately we had a thick 4 inch thick 3 ring binder with press releases and DOGs and order sheets and all kinds of other information with us. That got us past the first and second phones to find success on the third try.

Moral ... Don't expect your dealer to have the answers. Don't expect your dealer to even know the questions. They have a lot of models with a lot of options that change every year. 2021 brought many changes. It will take a while for the dealers to catch up.

Warning: A dash cam can be considered evidence. Make sure it's off if you're on a spirited drive!!! There's a good reason I don't want a GoPro. Actually many reasons!!!
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