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Hello Forum!

We leased a 2021 GLA 250 and have had a number of issues and disappointments with it. Wanted to post here and see if anyone has had similar experiences or if we have just been unlucky. It's currently at the dealer for repairs on the issues below.

1. A/C would at times not cool - took it to the dealer and they said there was nothing wrong with it.
2. Horrible noise coming from the A/C, and then all the center vents stopped blowing any air - Took it to the dealer and they determined that leaves or possibly a rodent got stuck in the A/C, and in fact were ordering a grill to add to the car to help prevent this. I'm not really buying this and based on how new the car is and that we had A/C issues almost from the start, I think something was just wrong with the A/C. It's still at the dealer so I'll have to follow up when it gets back.
3. A loud wine when the vehicle starts. Almost sounds like it would be coming from one of the belts. Service manager thought it was a not a normal sound, but they compared it to another GLA and now think it's a normal sound. Normal or not, it's not a good sound.
4. This is more a disappointment, but it's a bummer that a 2021 vehicle with this techy of an interior doesn't do wireless car play :(

Only had the car for 6months but this wasn't what I was expecting out of MB.
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