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Welcome to the forum and your 2018. We have the same model year and it continues to serve us very well, without such an issue. However given less driving these days and especially little during the height of the pandemic we're only around 25K miles.

The 'gear lever' is purely electronic in nature so there's no direct transmission coupling that would induce vibration. Of course vibration from the engine compartment and undercarriage could be transmitted via the steering column and thereby be most noticed by this suspended stalk appendage acting a bit like a tuning fork. Do you also feel/see vibration in the steering wheel?

What is your mileage and have the alternating year 'A' and 'B' services been accomplished (the 'B' the far more substantial)? Was this a certified pre-owned from a MB dealer? When asking such a question the more information you provide the better.

Lacking more insight, it could be that you simply need an alignment, as many of us continue to emerge from pothole season. Misalignment could have also led to uneven tire tread wear? Also be reminded that we have run flat tires which are generally stiffer than standard types.

Most here feel the GLA is a fine vehicle in many regards, but we do have to remind ourselves that it is "entry level" and therefore not to the standard of serenity that we and especially newcomers might expect of the Benz badge. Dealers have been known to actually voice this to members.
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