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2018 GLA 45 Brake Cost

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I think it was time i needed to replace my rear brake (47k miles). I got a quote for full rear pads and rotors replacement over $1k. Is this more than what you guys expected? Thanks.
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I am the mgr at a tire and auto repair center with a national chain. That’s an insane amount of money I would charge 110.00 for lifetime warranty pads, your rear rotors are about 80.00 each pads sensor is 28.00 and 135.00 for labor the dealership is always higher, customer would receive a two year 24k warranty.
Did you catch this is an AMG?

I also didn't like the idea of just doing fronts, then doing rears later. My fronts were getting close at about 28k but rear were ok and could have gone on a number of thousand miles. Dealer also said rotors were ok, but you can't turn these to smooth them, and they were grooved. So I didn't want to just do new pads all around and have them squealing like crazy.

The pricing is correct if you go to dealer with AMG OEM stuff. Here is one suggestion....this time of year I bought OEM AMG complete package of slotted/drilled rotors, pads and new sensor off ebay. All in MB/made in germany boxes. OEM part numbers all new. This cost me just under $800. This time of year, the normal cost was over $900, but then the MB parts seller (a business, not an individual) provided a discount, and then ebay wants sales this time of year and did one of their 10% off deals, and voila, less than 800. Install earlier this year, by dealer, they had no issue with these OEM pieces, labor was a beetch, so I think all 4 new AMG OEM rotors and pads installed by MB cost me about $1400 (about 600 labor). Otherwise this would have been near $2k. No noise with braking. As mentioned, you can do this install yourself, I choose not to, but you can have all new OEM AMG brakes for less than $900 if you choose to do yourself.
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