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I am selling my 2018 GLA 45 AMG Designo mountain grey matte finish matte black 20" wheels read cut letter leather performance steering wheel carbon – with red insert surround air ducts red seat belts has the performance package with me top speed increase the higher horsepower motor every bit of Maintenance was performed at local Mercedes dealer can provide records within the last fight a thousand miles has had complete pads and rotors all the way around will come with Max performance tires with at least 75% tread I will include two brand-new Max performance summer Tires also a full set of winter wheels and tires with blizzaks with at least 75% tread left I can't remember if it's the 35 or 36 Thousand Mile service I've had that completely done also transmission fluid and filter change not a flush as well as all brake fluid and differential fluids change has EBC yellow stuff brake pads it is a certified who is an upgrade to the certification so it comes with any 6 year unlimited mile comprehensive warranty that is due to expire in 2025 I have all the manuals as well as two sets of keys the vehicle is immaculate both inside and out I don't have kids in the car they're all grown I'm out of the house and in a different state so it's just me rear seat looks brand new there is probably half a dozen 2018 GLA 45 AMG'S FOR SALE IN COUNTRY with the matte finish it is one of 4 that exist like it and it is the only one that is optioned like mine meaning every possible option besides tacky spoiler write down to illuminated door Sills adaptive cruise control Lane keep the higher top-end the 375 horsepower motor with cold air intake 110 octane fuel I Dino Dan 398 at the wheels if the TQ close to that number the interior is perfect there is not a mark scratch Nick or ding has brand new Mercedes windshield new wipers he will not have to spend a dime it is ready to go and services up to date and 107 miles an hour it averages 22 miles to the gallon at 85 miles an hour it averages 30 miles to the gallon it has race mode so five different Tunes individual customization Comfort sport Sport Plus and race it has the larger paddle shifters it comes with both winter and summer AMG mats and a full set of winter tires and wheels I also will include complete matte finish detailer as well as matte paint sealant and 50 Mills of Wax FYI that's 350 bucks for wax I will also include a set of brake pads for both the front and rear the new rotors and new brakes have less than five thousand miles on them please feel free to message with any questions I know what the market is right now there is not a single one like this available for sale in the entire country it is the only one with a matte finish available considering there were only six made with that and it is a one-off wheel for that paint Scheme specifically with the matte Wheels you will not see another and you will like it they are $2,000 a piece from the dealer I will provide all service records to new owner if you are looking for financing on a house different options available for you if you were interested and there is nothing funnier than embarrassing a Corvette owner with a hatchback saying you just got your blow up doors blown off by a hatchback and also I don't know if it's a combination of the matte finish and the adaptive cruise radar system it happens to be invisible to local law enforcement I am replacing it with a Lexus LC 500 can a new 2-door Bronco however I doubt I will ever see that I was supposed to have it in April this year and will probably not see it till Midsummer next make me a reasonable offer I know what the market is I'm sure someone who's making me off or does too you will not be able to steal this from me I know what it's worth I know there is an ass for every seat and to be honest I have the time to wait for the right buyer there is not one possible excuse that I could possibly hear that would make me think my mind I have heard them all and then some I will deliver the vehicle anywhere in the country for $800 and that will be on an enclosed truck from my doorstep to yours keep in mind National auction data through Manheim puts National auction average at almost $42,000 that is auction prices as what a dealer pays for it and I'll keep in mind those are vehicles that may not even have close to the same options it could have 10 to $15,000 Less in equipment my guess is if I were to run this through the auction I would probably get somewhere between 42 and 44000 I would think somewhere between 45 to 48 would be a fair price and that's just based on current market conditions local dealer last time I had it in service offered me $42 for it that was three weeks ago
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