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2017 GLA45 Water Pump

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My name is Brent, I live in Bolton in the UK.
I bought a Mercedes GLA45 AMG 2017 with 38,000 miles in Nov 2022. Its now done 43,000 miles but the water pump seems to have gone ( my mechanic told me as leaking water). Is this a common problem?
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Welcome. The water pump, along with thermostat, O2 sensor(s) and a number of others are high wear items in any internal combustion vehicle and especially in a high performance model. So common from that perspective.

Typically the water pump is replaced when the timing chain is due as some of the labor involved is shared.
not on mine, but failed on my last car (mazda) so I won't be surprised when it goes on my 45.

Let me guess, about 1500 pounds to fix?
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