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2017 GLA250 4matic cluster issue!

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Can anyone tell me what my issue is these lights will randomly turn on and off and my gas gauge will stop working at times after about 10-30 seconds it stops this is my daily 2017 Gla250 4matic *1st picture is when the lights turn on
*2nd picture is when the lights turn off and cluster goes back to normal


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We recently lost all gauge operation on our MY2018, although the vehicle was still drivable post a jumpstart. The main 12V battery needed to be replaced and it's been fine since.

Myriad modern electronics require a very "clean" power supply and therefore a marginal battery often causes this and other electrical "gremlins."

It's the second time the battery on this FL vehicle has been replaced (first under warranty at just over one year post delivery). However this was a much lesser used vehicle due to COVID absence. It was on a good battery tender, however vehicles really prefer regular use. The Aux battery still works tho'.

Our more often used MA 2018 GLA's main battery has never been replaced. The Aux battery on this one is also still viable. 🤷‍♂️
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Hi, I advise doing a battery test. Most auto parts stores have a machine that can do it for you.

otherwise, check for codes in ecu that may be causing intermittent issues.
No codes on ecu I’ll get the battery checked and change it see if it makes the fix! Thank you!
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