2016 GLA45 AMG Night edition

2.0 fully forged engine hand built
20in black out spoke amg rims
Pano roof
Ricaro heated seats
Adaptive led headlights
7 speed dct trans
All wheel drive
Brembo brakes
Rear camera

Had it debadged except for the AMG in back and front. Had the handles n chrome wrapped to complete the black night edition look.

All options except the dynamic package
Pano roof, adaptive cruise, sat radio, navigation, keyless start and door opening,

The car is in perfect condition only reason im selling is i found out this is the last year for the camaro and found the one i want, color, options everything so jumping on it. Which means i sell the GLA45. So looking to get what i have left on the loan which is 27k. Bought it from farmington mercedes in utah with 68k on the odometer for 36k less than a year ago and currently it has 87k. It has never been tracked or abused i do spirited driving but thats all. I use onlh shell, chevron, or sinclair premium gas. I am an ASE mercedes, bmw, audi, chevy, ford and jag tech have been for 25 years. Changed careers 6 yrs ago an became a nurse practitioner love it but still play with cars their a passion. All my cars have always been maintained with highest quality parts and care. I am only selling the car for what i have left on the loan and would even be willing to sell for a slight loss for the right buyer. Clean title and passes emissions no problem

Pure 550 turbo only 2000 miles on it
Redstar high flow downpipe with added ultra high flow cat and heat shielding
AMG performance valved 3 in exhaust
Custom tuned by Jerry at Eurocharged
Have all the stock parts as well that are in perfect working order and come with the car