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2015 GLA45 - Codes P030085 and P030385

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I am having these two codes, P030085 and P030385, and need help with some questions:

  • I have replaced the spark plugs and coils and still have the code. Do I need to index the spark plugs?
  • What are the following recommendations, fuel injector?
2015 GLA 45AMG

thank you.

P030085/P030385 Combustion misfiring has been detected. There is a signal above the permissible limit value.
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Did you replace with exact Benz specified 'plugs? I've had Audi issues when not going with same and Benz likely similar. Also of course be sure to check the gap with a spark plug gauge and verify appropriate against your vehicle spec's. Don't just trust them as packaged.

Spark plug wire insulation (aka High Tension HT-leads) can become electrically porous over time and lead to "cross talk" causing a misfire. So 'plugs and coils was a good step but new cables would have also been prudent.

A Benz dealership can use their proprietary diagnostic tool to give you a more complete code readout.
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