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Hi all,
New here from Australia!

Bought myself a stock standard 2015 GLA45 AMG kept in perfect condition.



Now I'm planning either a stage 1 tune vs stage 2 tune.
Leaning more towards a stage 2 tune (+air filter & down pipe).
Not planning to take it on the track, just want a bit of fun on the streets.

I've ordered an MST air filter and it's on the way :)

I've rang a few performance workshops here in Melbourne, Australia and a couple of them recommended using Redstar downpipe for stage 2 tuning.

I'm just wondering if it's a necessity or just recommended to use a heat shield for these downpipes?

What maps are you guys running for a stage 2 tune?

Is a TCU tune required also?

I know the car produces 265kw of power at the engine stock standard.
Roughly, how much power increase should I expect from a stage 2 tune?

Thanks all in advance.
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