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2015 GLA 250 with Stuck Gas Lid

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My gas lid is stuck even with the doors unlocked and I followed all the troubleshooting instructions in the manual and does not work. Sadly I’m completely on empty and probably don’t have enough gas to get to the dealership. Anyone on here know how to manually open the gas lid??

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I'm away from Pam's car right now but in the interest of expediency I thought there was a release on the inside of the car by the gas door. Anybody know better?

Edit ... You may need to peel back the carpet.
Had this happen to my 2015 45... it was the electronic actuator.. you’re not going to get into it from the hatch.. they say if it’s a true emergency then pry open the plastic cover from the outside and then have it replaced by the dealer.

Could try to hit the outside a few times with some force to see if it pops open but you’re probably going to have to go to the dealer or know someone MB savvy to get into and replace the actuator without damage. Your dealer will probably have the part on hand and have done at least a few of these.. SA said it wasn’t that uncommon.

This is 100% a design flaw and could actually put someone in a really sticky situation. Luckily I had enough fuel when it happened to me to get to the dealer and they replaced it right away while I waited but if I was much farther away it would’ve needed a flat bed to the dealer. I really don’t get why there isn’t an accessible manual release on a crucial electronic part.
Yes about everything AMGowner wrote. From the Owner's (Operator's) Manual ...
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I figured it out... took a few YouTube videos :) In the trunk you remove the side panel and have to pull down some of the sound insulation and then reach up by the gas lid and find the release button. Not easy to get to, but I was able to unlock the lid.
That's great news!!!! Do you have a link to those videos?
It’s the actuator I replaced mine in my 2016 the part number on the old one was discontinued and I got the replacement which is a different part number maybe mb had trouble with the originals who knows mine would pop open in the garage when car was sitting still it would pop open going down the road and would stay shut for a week I just replaced it 40 or 50 bucks and 5 min of your time
Having this problem myself. Found the manual release via the trunk luckily. Anyone know the part no. for the gas cap actuator for a 2016 model? Seems easy enough to replace myself.
Having this exact problem and almost on fumes - seems like it knows!
Watched all the videos and going to have to try and get it to my mechanic :(
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