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19 in AMG wheels and Conti tires like brand new

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Great second set for winter or all season driving. Mercedes AMG 19 in 5 spoke OEM wheels that came off of a 2015 GLA 45. Mounted on them are Continental Pro Contact GX SSR 235/45/R19 95H M+S . I purchased them for 4200.00 and they were only on the car for 2 months and have less than 2000 miles on them. That is 2k miles on the wheels and tires. Everything looks absolutely brand new. I never hot rodded the car so tires and wheels have never been damaged period. Some of the pictures show water marks that I just missed, but no damage on any tires or wheels. I am a senior so all I did was baby the car. I also have spacers for these tires as they went on the GLA to replace the 20 in tires that came on it. You can see these wheels on the Mercedes site. You can save thousands as I am selling for 1800.00 for all. I only had the GLA for a few months and my health failed and it was so difficult to get in and out so I traded for a much taller suv. ( I am a senior citizen with health problems) I had purchased these tires as my all around winter tires as the GLA came with summer tires that you were not supposed to use below 45 degrees. I traded the car this early winter with 6k miles on it and that was the only time these tires and wheels were on the car. (4k miles on the summer tires) I will soon have pics of the tires off the car but I did have a pic of them on the GLA When I say like brand new I am not over stating that. 1800.00 call or text 706 835 5586, 2 hours north of Atlanta


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please make an offer I really need to sell. you will not be disappointed, as the tires and wheels look brand new. I was told they might fit the cla and cla45 also. The lowest price I have found on the wheels from MB is 780 each and the tires are are always over 300 each. this is a great deal just have to find some one who needs an extra all season set, since the summers that come on the gla45 are no good in the winter.
Do you still have these available? I'm in Oregon so I have to check on shipping costs to see if it is worth it? Did these come off the GLA 250?
sorry, took so long to get back to you, have been ill. I do have them, and if some one needs them, you will be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere. please check around. I could help some with shipping. There is absolutely not a thing wrong with any of the 4 wheels or tires, they look brand new, because they nearly are, less about 2k miles. my phone is 706 835 5586
will take 1200 if you pick up. no better deal on planet
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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