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  1. 2015 GLA250 Transmission jerk hard on acceleration

    GLA Issues & Problems
    I just bought this car. I like it most of the time but sometimes when driving and pressing on the gas and accelerating more than a little bit, the car will jerk hard like the transmission isn’t shifting right. Then if I allow it to happen by continuing to accelerate, the car will get stuck in...
  2. 2015 GLA Transmission warning light

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    My wife is on road trip with the GLA. She was stopped at a light when the transmission went from drive to neutral and a warning light said "do not put car in gear go immediately to MB dealership". Well that was hard to do being in traffic in a small town with the nearest dealer 130 miles away...
  3. TCM replaced three times... should i stay away?

    GLA Issues & Problems
    Hello, I'm looking at buying a 2017 GLA45 AMG with 41k miles. Had the vehicle pre-inspection completed and the only items that came back were maintenance (spark plugs, brake flush and transmissions flush being biggest). I did some more digger and a fellow car enthusiast asked for the vin so he...
  4. TCM replaced three times... should i stay away

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