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  1. GLA Parts & Components For Sale
    Hey everyone , I’m Zac from Malaysia. I have a lot of carbon parts specifically for GLA / X156. All parts are new & 100% carbon. I’ve done few shipment to US , Dubai , Australia , Canada & Philippines. Carbon Rear Diffuser Carbon Side Skirt Carbon Fender with Vents Carbon Fender trims x4 Carbon...
    $1 USD
  2. What did you do to your Mercedes GLA today?
    I bought this 2018 gla 250 a few weeks ago. First thing I did was upgrade the lighting from halogen to led and added after market illuminated star, and had the windows and windshield tinted. It’s the base model and I really love the interior look but the grille it came with looked kinda dated...
  3. Exterior and Interior
    Purchased my 2015 GLA 250 about a year ago, looking to upgrade the look a bit and maybe some others things but cant seem to find any information with reliable sources, suggestions appreciated!
  4. GLA Issues & Problems
    2015 GLA 250 4matic. 1. Took car in for emissions test and it failed due as unable to connect. Fuse is fine!! The last time I brought it in for scheduled servicing they indicated that the battery needed to be replaced. Would inability to connect to the OBD2 port be caused by low battery...
  5. GLA Issues & Problems
    Hello, I recently purchased a GLA 250 2018. I believe there is an issue with the windshield washer nozzle alignment. 1. Part of the spray goes over the car and drenches the roof 2. The spray is too much and leaves rivulets running down the windscreen after the wipers stop moving. Is this...
  6. Mercedes-Benz GLA General Discussion
    Absolutely love it 😍 . Was around $16 on EBay and the replacement was flawless, took about 5 minutes. This is the link if it let me post it :
  7. Mercedes-Benz GLA General Discussion
    Hi guys, have any of you replaced the headlights assembly from the standard base OEM to aftermarket LED? Please give me some tips, planning to get this, just don’t know who in Miami will be able to install them , the MB service doesn’t.
  8. Mercedes-Benz GLA General Discussion
    I’m planning to install an 70mai pro plus A500 dash cam and I wonder if any of you used an OBD2 power cable to power your dash cams? This should be the links of what I’m getting, hope they can be posted. Thanks for your reply!
  9. Dealers, Purchases and Orders
    I really love the look of the 2021 model and have been looking at previously leased/slightly used (under 20K miles) of the GLA 250. But with all the features I want, they are still 6K over my budget. Since no upgrades for the 2022 exterior are planned, should I wait until the 2022 model comes...
  10. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I Just bought a 2015 GLA 250 4MATIC today, which is very exciting, that being said is there a way for the mirrors to automatically close after locking the vehicle? I have not played around with the mirrors yet and don't know if they can be programmed to do that.
  11. GLA Issues & Problems
    Hi all, I own a GLA 250 2017 edition and have run into car battery problems. Context: Have not been driving the car consistently due to COVID. Wanting to use the car recently 2 weeks ago, I had to jump-start it since the batteries died out probably due to lack of use for more than a month...
  12. Mercedes GLA Owners Check In Area
    Hi everybody, I'm a new 2019 GLA 250 owner. It's replacing my Audi A3. I've owned a Porsche 911 & a Boxster, several Alfa Romeos, a stray Peugeot or two, a flock of Mini Coopers and so forth. Although we have two VW Tiguans at the moment, the GLA is my first "real" SUV. I'm not really an SUV fan...
1-12 of 12 Results