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  1. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    I Just bought a 2015 GLA 250 4MATIC today, which is very exciting, that being said is there a way for the mirrors to automatically close after locking the vehicle? I have not played around with the mirrors yet and don't know if they can be programmed to do that.
  2. GLA Issues & Problems
    Hi all, I own a GLA 250 2017 edition and have run into car battery problems. Context: Have not been driving the car consistently due to COVID. Wanting to use the car recently 2 weeks ago, I had to jump-start it since the batteries died out probably due to lack of use for more than a month...
  3. Mercedes GLA Owners Check In Area
    Hi everybody, I'm a new 2019 GLA 250 owner. It's replacing my Audi A3. I've owned a Porsche 911 & a Boxster, several Alfa Romeos, a stray Peugeot or two, a flock of Mini Coopers and so forth. Although we have two VW Tiguans at the moment, the GLA is my first "real" SUV. I'm not really an SUV fan...