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  1. Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG Forum
    Hello everyone, I had my 2016 AMG GLA45 for 3 months now and is now thinking about upgrades. The first two upgrades I plan to do is a mild engine tune and the addition of strut tower. Since I still have the CPO warranty, I want to have the performance chip instead of the ECU tuning (easy for me...
  2. GLA Issues & Problems
    I have a 2015 GLA45, I’ve replaced my thermostat 2 times now, and I now need to replace it again due to a crack in the housing. The crack has been in the same spot on every thermostat, not sure what is causing it. Keep in mind, all of these have cracked in less than a month! Weighing my...
  3. Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG Forum
    Hi all! i purchased a one owner 2018 GLA45 a couple of weeks ago. Had 32k miles on it. Been noticing a little more lately that it seems like it doesn’t enjoy first gear that much. From a standstill (and not flooring it) it feels like it struggles to get in gear / get going. curious on anyones...
  4. GLA Issues & Problems
    Good morning all, I’ve been feeling that the engine sound of my 2017 AMG GLA 200 has a bit of whirring! It is it not? It is smooth to drive and no issues whatsoever. But I’m a bit concerned!! Kindly give your opinions. Thanks Regards Jazmir PS: how do I add the video please?
  5. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hi all, I have got a problem with my gla220 4 matic-Auto, the EML Light is on with transmission malfunction in white font on the message when I start the car however messages goes after a while but EML remains on all the way. Car drives normally no issue with the drive of the vehicle, gear...
1-5 of 5 Results