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  1. Mercedes-Benz GLA General Discussion
    Hi y’all! a lot of you have done this but not many have taken detailed Photos so here ya go. Decided to add a powered sub to my GLA 250 base 2018 as my next mod This weekend using the Rockford fosgate 10” p300 getting 12v from the auxiliary battery Even though this car does not have an...
  2. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hello, I’m a new 2018 GLA 250 owner from Chicago and I was told that my car doesn’t have the option to change ambient lighting. Currently it’s stuck on orange and the only option I have is to make it brighter but can’t change colors. I’ve contacted the dealer and they said I may not have that...
  3. GLA Issues & Problems
    I have a ‘18 GLA 250 and purchased a SD Card Garmin Map Pilot V12 2019 Mercedes-Benz Navigation Part A2189068203 for it. The card worked for about an hour but now the car doesn’t recognize the card. Is it a faulty card? Or software? Or is it the car that has the issue?
1-3 of 3 Results