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Hi Breitling,

Here is my story and for those who has similar issues.

When my car was in hard acceleration I got a jolt, this was when my car was about 45000km, I didnt really think of it as a huge problem since which one of us are flooring it every day? now my car is 90000km, I am on my 3rd rear differential (all covered by warranty) and they finally figured out the problem was crankshaft sensor. this last repair i went in for was when my jolt was intense as ****. i was accelerating on the highway going from 90km aiming to reach 130+, almost floored the gas and i got 3 jolts that put my transmission into 7th gear and locked there (maybe a safety mode?). i was not able to change gears or any modes, nothing worked. i had to press on the gas and slide to the side. got my car towed to MB, they ran the codes and got an error ..finally.

After changing crankshaft sensor, the car is feeling new. It also fixed another problem that some ppl felt, which was that accelerating from stops/red light felt like mini launches. I think this was also the problem from sensor sending wrong information, which ultimately caused to breaking rear differential.

soo...i highly suggest to look into that sensor.. luckily my car is in extended warranty. these repairs would have costed a fortune..

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for sharing your experience and story! Yeah, what you experienced seems like my issue. Although one thing that is different is that my car never went into a "safety" mode. Probably because I eased off a bit and gave the car a bit of time to catch up or fix itself.

Of course when I try to recreate the issue, it never happens nor does a code show up haha.

I will definitely look into the sensor. The dealership has escalated this issue to the Regional Service Manager so I am hoping to hear back within the next week. Let's hope for the best and they figure out what the issue might be so this issue can be easily fixed for other people who experience it.

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Watching this thread... I mentioned in the other thread that our '16 GLA45 was a manufacturer buyback, due to transmission issues. We never learned what the specific issue was but since we bought it 2 years ago following the repair, the transmission has been flawless. 13.5k miles on the clock now... let's hope it stays good.

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Just wanted to give a quick update with the 2016 GLA45.

I just picked up the car this morning and the managers and mechanics have no idea what the problem is. They have cleared the car and said nothing is wrong with it. I have asked if there were any errors in the data I asked them to analyze or if any sensors were reading wrong but they said everything is working fine. I can't really say anything else if nothing is really wrong haha.

I will try to reset the ECU/TCU before my travels tomorrow and see if that helps with anything. I'm still puzzled by what could be causing the issue but let's hope for the best.

Thanks for all the input!

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